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  • How many people run Voice For Us?
    Just one!
  • What is the purpose of Voice For Us?
    The main purpose of Voice For Us is to spread awareness of animal cruelty cases and expose animal abusers. For this reason, Voice For Us maintains an Animal Abuser Registry.
  • Why do you put a paw print on the forehead of animal abusers in their mugshots?
    The paw print, as well as the orange frame, is my personal way of branding animal abusers. It also a way to alert those unfamiliar with Voice For Us that the article they are about to read is about animal cruelty and published by Voice For Us.
  • Why do you use the terms "furbaby" and "furbabies"?
    I strongly believe there is no difference between animals and young children. Both are vulnerable and defenseless. Furthermore, unlike humans, animals are unable to report abuse. They can only rely on witnesses to be rescued (Paws can’t dial). I am extremely happy to have noticed that in addition to humane societies, some law enforcement agencies have used the term “furbabies” in animal cruelty cases.
  • Why do you use the words “murder” and “murderer” instead of “kill” and “killer”?
    In my opinion, anyone who takes a life, any life, is a murderer. I strongly believe that with regards with Animal Cruelty, many commonly used terms must be changed to reflect the same gravity as offenses involving humans.
  • Why do you use the word “raped” instead of “sexually assaulted” in your articles?
    As aforementioned, I strongly believe that if the same act is inflicted on an animal, then the name of the crime ought to be the same as if the victim were human. The disgusting, immoral and illegal behavior that is typically deemed as "sexual assault" occurs without the explicit consent of the victim, whether human or animal, and thus should not be sugar-coated.
  • Why do you use the word “homeless” instead of “stray”?
    Because animals who do not have a home are homeless. Would you call a homeless human who lives on the streets a “stray”?
  • Why do you use the word “guardian” instead of “owner”?
    I do not believe anyone can "own" a sentient being.
  • Why do you include posts from the arresting agencies and news outlets?
    In order to enforce the following disclaimer: “This story is sourced from official news outlets. Links included. Details may be removed or additional information may be provided in future should such sources report an update.” Unfortunately, I often receive threats from animal abusers (or associated persons) who accuse me of publishing a distorted version of the facts. It is important for me to prove that my articles are based on official sources. Please note that I always contact authorities, DA Offices, shelters, and humane societies to request copies of incident reports and make sure that my articles are accurate and detailed.
  • Does Voice For Us have a social media presence?
    Yes! Facebook page: Facebook Group: Instagram: @voiceforus Twitter: @voiceforus_
  • Why should someone visit the Voice For Us website?
    The Voice For Us website offers other categories of animal news and information, besides animal cruelty cases, for animal lovers. Also, comments on articles are not restricted like on other social media platforms.
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